13 Signs of Insecurity in a Man that Can Ruin a Great Relationship

We are sometimes unsafe, but you do not want to be with someone who comes with too much insecurity. Catch the red flag sign of insecurity in a man.
Right now you are not thinking about the consequences of insecurity because it is fun and new. But one reason is that people do not tell you the date of the most unsafe men. Vulnerability is one thing, but an extremely unsafe person can easily start controlling your actions, limit your freedom, and be humiliated. So, it is time that you learned the signs of insecurity in a man, in this way you avoid those moments when you see them.

Indications of insecurity in a man

People advise others to make unsafe partners clear. The thing is that everyone is insecure to some extent. You will not be able to find someone who does not have insecurity. I wish I was thin, he wanted that he was tall, he wants that he drove a good car. These are all insecurities with whom we live. But it is being said that, you do not have to live with a vulnerable partner. [Read: 20 signs of insecurity can not hide while feeling insecure]

As we all know, our insecurities may have the ability to feel what we do or how we feel. Now, for most of us, we know our triggers and when they pop up they are able to control them. But some people are easily filled with insecurity, so there are so many flowers that they can not control the results. Hold red flags before catching them.

# 1 he keeps you down Now it is normal to tease one another, to be careful about it is nothing. However, if you are seeing that he is showing you below, is commenting about your appearance, weight and intellect, then it will happen when you have to be careful. Teasing is one thing, but if he is putting you down instead of supporting you, then he is insecure. [Read: 15 subtle signs of a controlled lover most girls simply do not pay attention]

# 2 He has no friends. He does not have any friends yet. He never speaks about his friends, it seems that does not come out with anyone. She just hangs with you. Now, hanging with you is a good thing, but let's be honest, everyone has friends. If you do not have close friends around him then there is a reason, and something that you need to explore. [Read: 22 Bad Warning Early Warning Signals]







# 3 She is always threatening to break up with you. Whenever you disagree with him, he threatens to leave or break you. Generally, people will talk about this and look at the way to fix the situation. Instead, he goes right at the peak. That's because he is insecure and trying to make you skilled. He wants you to get on your knees and pray for him and this is all because of his weak ego.

# 4 She tells you that she loves you after the first date. Yes, if you listen to it, then run. Do not disturb numbers too. If you do this then this person will not leave you alone. If he is telling you that he loves you immediately, then he has some strong warning signs of extremely vulnerable people. If you have not even gone through the appetizer, keep your fork down and leave. [Read: Is he saying "I love you" very soon?]

# 5 That's all on your social media. This guy sees everything you've posted. Everyone. Little. Cheese He ensures that he comments on each of them and ensures that everyone sees. If you post anything which he does not like, do not worry, he is going to tell you immediately. When someone scolds you on social media, no matter who they are, it's scary and one of the strongest signs of insecurity in a man.

# 6 He thinks that you are still in your past. Maybe you do not have it in the past, but in his eyes, you have a lot of possessions. You were with someone and broke up many years ago, but for them, you are still not in your past. Of course, it just wants to prove to you that he is the one, but he wants it. To see for him that you love him and only him, you need to show him.