Safety First: Tips For Junk Yards

Posted by VossColeman42-blog, 11 months ago

It should be noted that last year Volkswagen's supervisory board said that it would back an amicable provided that MAN will secure at least 17.3% of Scania's capital and 56% of its voting rights. MAN already owns 11.6% of the capital and 14.5% of Scania's voting rights. On the other hand, Volkswagen's shares were up 0.3% close at 82.84 EURO or $107.56 USD in Frankfurt. MAN's shares rose to 2.2% to close at 72.64 EURO. The shares of Scania were down by 3.5% to close at 474Kronor or 51.94 EURO or $67.34 USD in Stockholm trading.

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