How Procrastination Effects Your Education & Life

Posted by lifecoach, 10 months ago

When it comes to putting things off to the last minutes, kids at school have the toughest time. Here is a story from one of my students about why he would procrastinate.

I think my best procrastination stories were ones that tore me up badly in school for many reasons. My class work for 8th grade physical science and a simple 3rd quarter book beport for 10th grade honors English. Both of them involve working into the night and then waking up at 4-5am,with only 2-3 hours left to finish the project. This really had a negative effect on my learning process.

With this particular college class, I already had most of my information and daily journals done, and I had notes to finish the 2 or 3 journals I hadn't done. I kept dozing off while working, but I made a bit of progress which took a lot of self discipline for me. I had no doubt I would finish it, but it was a huge pain. Then I woke up. It was probably like 5 or 5:30am. I saw my laptop sitting next to me, I picked it up, and I slaved away till the last minute. I spent 20 minutes printing the many, many pages, and I got it done. I was super super scared.... Then I got 200/200 on the whole report.... I have no idea how. I did like 5 pages of report half asleep, super anxious, at 5 in the morning and I work probably some of my best under pressure. It's a terrible experience, but it works out every time.

Then there is the Book Report. It destroyed me as it's a terrible experience that I never want to go through again, and it's the reason I don't procrastinate nearly as much now. I was reading a book... The Lord of the Flies... I was probably a 4th done with the book... I started reading later than I should've, but I still was making some good time even though I got stuck. I knew I would have to stay up really late,  but I got myself into that mess, and I was ready to make it through. What I had to do was find 20 vocabulary words that you don't know/know fully, and make your own definition for them. I had to get 5 passages of the book that show imagery, and 5 passages that showed detail, and I had to explain why each of them is good at showing what it is.

I had a memo opened up on my phone, and I would write in it as I went along through the book. I was probably near a 3rd done... I had all the vocabulary words... I had 3 or 4 passages for detail, and 2 or 3 for imagery. Then... I closed the memo without saving it... I lost all my vocabulary words, and all my passages... It took so much time just to write down the ones I had already written and I became an absolute mess and began to think negative about my school work. I wasn't even halfway done with the book and I was contemplating giving up, turning in nothing and saying I give up, fail me, I can't freaking do this, I can't do anything. I literally shut down. I went and told my dad, and he tried to help by trying to get into my phone and recover the file. I told him I had tried, and I was already so pent up that I couldn't really take anything at all.

He plugged my phone into his computer, and I unplugged it and left. I have very personal things written in my memos on my phone. Stuff I don't want anyone to see. Stuff that delves deep into my personality and feelings. He said he wouldn't look but I didn't care. I couldn't handle the possibility. I left. For a few minutes, I truly was going to give up. I started talking to an acquaintance about my error, and how I didn't think I could go on. He told me I should just tell the teacher and she would understand. I was gonna do it... But I didn't. There is something about me that can't accept failure. With a tiny bit of help from my dad, I continued on... I figured that I could make it... It wouldn't be good, but I could make it... So I slaved away for hours and hours... I was probably a little over halfway through the book when... I woke up... I don't know what time it was, I'd assume it was anywhere from 3-5... I like to think it was 4, but I did so much that it may have been 3.