Full Coverage Dental Insurance

The Best Full Coverage Dental Insurance


Full Coverage Dental Insurance Four out of ten Italians choose to give up dental care because of too high costs. This is the figure that emerges from the Full Coverage Dental Insurance .

Dental offices in 6 cities (Milan, Rome, Turin, Naples, Bologna, Bari). A renunciation that concretely impacts the salt and, in fact only 36% of the sample taken in the analysis has done the cleaning of the teeth more than once.

USA is the least expensive city; the same performance can cost up to 20% less than Bologna which is the most costly. Frequently attending your dentist.

However, can have severe consequences on your own. Caries that is not treated promptly, for example, can cause an infection and an abscess that may require surgery.


There are advantageous solutions that allow us to take care of our oral hygiene, saving and without renouncing the quality of care: to stipulate insurance on one's teeth.


Let's see, therefore, what are the main reasons why Italians do not attend the dentist, how much could be saved and what are, in general, the advantages of an insurance policy for full coverage dental insurance.