Use One Fence to Eliminate Wildlife from Property

garden fence panels of animals that are getting into gardens, crops, orchards, vineyards, and yards is growing. People used to have to guard against squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, and skunks. That list now commonly includes bear, deer, coyotes, and opossums. Lack of food and habitat are driving these animals closer to humans in large towns and cities instead of just scarcely populated small towns.

There are
fence screening to repel and deter animals from destroying property and posing dangers to pets, fowl, and livestock. Chemicals, traps, and electrical fencing are all available but are far from safe. Chemicals will deplete soil of essential nutrients and are harmful to domestic animals and humans. Traps and fencing will not harm the soil but are dangerous to every living thing that comes into contact with them. These methods are also inhumane to wildlife.

Safe and Effective Fencing

The use of proper deer fencing is safe, humane, and effective without being intrusive.
vinyl privacy fence of the polypropylene material and black PVC coating for metal varieties of deer fence available do not interfere with the views of the gardens or the surrounding land features. Fences for residential use are offered in easy to install kits that include the fencing, ground stakes, eight-inch ties, heavy-duty post kits, and a driving cap. Any tools or access gates ordered at the same time as kits will be discounted heavily.

Keep Out Most Wildlife

Fencing will be effective in keeping out most varieties of garden-pest because it goes five-feet underground and is resistant to the chewing of rodents. The mesh is too close together to allow smaller wildlife from squeezing through the fence. Heights of four to eight-feet make it difficult