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Following the Environment Act 1995, every national stop has been overseen by its own national stop expert since April 1997.[3] Previously, everything except the Peak District and the Lake District were represented by the nearby area gatherings. The Peak District and the Lake District, the initial two national parks to be assigned, were under the control of arranging sheets that were autonomous of the nearby region gatherings. 

Every expert is required to complete two "statutory purposes":[2] 

to monitor and upgrade the characteristic excellence, untamed life and social legacy of the territory; and 

to advance open doors for the comprehension and happiness regarding the parks' uncommon characteristics by the general population. 

These reasons can strife: in such cases, under the "Sandford Principle", protection starts things out. This rule was given statutory power by area 62 of the Environment Act 1995, in spite of the fact that there are no express arrangements concerning how natural life is to be protected. In seeking after these reasons, national stop specialists additionally have an obligation to cultivate the social and monetary prosperity of their nearby networks. 

Marginally over a large portion of the individuals from every national stop specialist are nominees from the chief nearby experts secured by the recreation center; the rest of designated by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (in England) or the Welsh Ministers (in Wales), some to speak to neighborhood ward or network gatherings, others chose to speak to the "national interest".[2] The Broads Authority likewise has individuals named by Natural England, Great Yarmouth Port Authority and the Environment Agency. The national stop specialists and the Broads Authority are secured by comparable administrative controls to those connected to neighborhood gatherings. 

Financing for national parks is unpredictable, however the full expense of each stop specialist is supported from focal government reserves. In the past this was somewhat paid for by nearby experts, and discounted to them from the administration to shifting degrees. In 2003/2004, the recreation center specialists got around £35.5 million of focal government financing. 

Common England is the statutory body in charge of assigning new national stops in England, subject to endorsement by the Secretary of State; Natural Resources Wales assigns new national stops in Wales, subject to endorsement by the Welsh Ministers. The Association of National Park Authorities exists to give the recreation center specialists a solitary voice when managing government and its offices. The Campaign for National Parks (some time ago Council for National Parks) is a philanthropy that attempts to secure and upgrade the national parks of England and Wales.