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Rain, rain - go away. The weather this week truly sucks, but the entertainment value of our fair city certainly does not. The Boston Comedy Scene Examiner has you covered as you venture forth into the funny, umbrellas in tow.

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Arts can be found, Iasi, a city which is also another tourist, if you want to learn more about the Romanian culture and history. There are also several churches, such as Trei Lerarhi Church and the Metropolitan Church. You can also take a relaxing stroll or pleasant recreation botanical garden.
Jack & Eliza will have a self-titled EP out in late spring. Eliza is the youngest ever winner of the John Lennon Song Writing Contest. It started as fun but now they have a killer debut single "Motel Home" and have played sold out shows at Joe's Pub and Le Piosson Rouge.
The response to this violence was immediate and angry. Anarchist leaders were arrested and tried. Four were eventually hanged and others were jailed. It was also an extremely bad day for American labor. The violence had done a great deal of public relations damage to the union movement and the 8 hour work day suffered a major setback. Serious concerns had been raised about the Labor movement in the United States.
Going from hanging in the hood to performing comedy on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show," not to mention the privilege of afterward being invited to take a seat on the "couch" which not many comics are asked to do, has been a long and fulfilling journey for Corey Holcomb. Corey's comedy genius transcends class and racial divides. If you understand English, Corey's humor will tickle your funny bone. People all over the world can relate to the drama of trying to make a relationship work. According to Corey, a "hunter" (man) being captured by his "prey" (woman) makes for the best comedy ever that features sex dolls!
That isn't to say all boutiques base their theme on the local area. The Inn of Five Graces in Santa Fe bases its theme on the soutwest culture and mixes it with Asian culture. There are plenty of boutiues outside of the US, in cities as far away as Moscow and Singapore.
On this day of self-denial (for some) I spent the afternoon relishing in the bountiful goods and goodies of local farmers and bakers in the surrounding area. It was a farmers market at tinder date and it was amazing. I tasted tart crisp apples, dipped crusty peasant bread in rich olive oil, drank Mother's Milk beer brewed in the Hudson Valley, licked my lips from the thick cut sliced bacon, and smelled the distinctive aroma of fresh caught Rainbow Trout. I indulged.
If you pass by the Macy's Union Square Holiday Windows you won't find the little gray kitten called Marmoset. But that's good news. Happily Marmoset has found her forever home. Even better, Marmoset marks the 200th adoption of the cats and dogs featured in the Macy's Holiday Windows.
Don't explain every detail. Leave some mystery when you buy your new sex doll; give them something to ask you about. Make it easy for them to email you with questions. There was nothing more frustrating to me than finding a person I liked, then scouring the profile just to figure out a question to ask them. "I am fun, lively, and down to earth" leaves me with only the question "How are you that way?" Unfortunately that is just a little too big of a question for a first email.
Though I wasn't able to try on the gorgeous leather bag, that store sparked something in me. New city, new shopping terrain. And thus the search for my grandma's purse resumes. Even though I'm a poor student reporter who bags her own lunch I would sleep in my car for the next six months if it meant finally scoring my vintage Chanel purse-and being able to throw my free hands in the air while I dance.

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