How To Find The Best Hosting For Your Blog?

How To Find The Best Hosting For Your Blog?

Blogging is nowadays seeming to be one of the best ways to share your thoughts and words with the rest of the world at very cheap & affordable prices. It just takes a few minutes and a few dollars to get started with your own Free Blog out there!

The best Blogging platform that I normally & usually suggest to my blog readers is the giant CMS also known as Content Management System which is WordPress or also known & written as WP. But like many other blogging platforms like Blogger, &, it requires you Web Hosting and your own Domain Name.

If you have your own Web Hosting & a Domain Name then you're all set to Go! But if you don't have any Web Hosting & a Domain Name then don't worry because I'm going to teach you in this step by step post how to get & find the best web hosting for your blog which costs you no more than $40 each year!

Normally you can find out there a lot of web hosting providers which normally sells its hosting at $20 for a Year but the reason I'm sharing & recommending you HostGator is that it's a giant in the web hosting industry which offers its premium & top-notch hosting with 99.99% up time guarantee which means you won't find your blog down even for a minute and if you did find it, you can take your full refund within your first 45 days which is awesome.

So now let's talk a little bit HostGator.

What Is HostGator?

HostGator is a company that provides & sells Web Hosting related & domain registering services to the world customers at very affordable prices. Normally they cost a lot of money before you can able to get hands on their web hosting such as the Shared Hosting plan, WordPress Hosting plans etc but you don't need to worry at all because I'm going to share with you an exclusive HostGator Coupon Code 75% OFF that will help you get up to 75% discount on the HostGator Shared Hosting known as hatchling plan for a whole next year which means 365 DAYS!

Where To Find HostGator 75% OFF Coupon Code?

If you have checked the HostGator Hosting and now you're willing to get hands on the HG Shared Hosting first plan then my recommendation to you would be to use our exclusive HostingBundle coupon code which gives you a whopping 75% off on the hostgator shared hosting 1 year plan.

It's an exclusively hostgator offered coupon code that our blog readers can enjoy and get a lot of off on the yearly hosting plan. Apart from the 75% off, you can get hands on HostGator Free Trial Hosting.

Why Sign UP For HostGator?

If you have been researching & discovering new things about Web Hosting then you might have also learnt a lot about HostGator and its premium hosting. But out there many web hosting company do provide hosting related services but most of them offer cheap hosting which are not reliable at all and at the end you find your blog down & offline for a lot of time and thus gives you no access to your blog and even the backend panel. And that's not all, your visitors & readers are also not able to access your blog/site which further destroys your business & you leave your money on the table.

Useless hosting provider also destrys your ranking in the Search Engines.

Can I Make Money With My Blog?

There out are many guys & my blog readers who are asking me whether they can make money with their blogs or not. So my answer to this question is that yes, everyone can make money with their blogs and anyone who start their blogs should start their blogs with an idea & an aim. But before you can start your blog, make sure you start with the right plan in mind & keep working on your blog with passion & love.

How To Submit Blog to Google?

Once you have started & setup your own WordPress blog and written a few posts on it, now you can easily submit it to Google & other search engines so that they can easily find your blog on the Internet and so index it for others to find it on Google & other search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc.

Now Your Turn

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