Best Credit Cards of 2018: Reviews, Rewards and Offers

Limit your options by asking appropriate questions
To find the credit card type you are looking for, visit the Nad Wallet Credit Card Comparison Tool and filter results based on your credit score and monthly spending. Consider these questions as you pass through the main challenges.

For Students and Secure Cards:
Does this card help me with credit? Find credit card payment reporting cards in three major credit bureaus. Many Secure Cards do not do this.
How much does it cost to open an annual fee? Generally, these cards are not enough to guarantee annual fees. If you do not have very bad credit, you can avoid these costs. Reduce security savings for secure cards, even if your credit limit is directly related to the amount deposited.
Can I buy a better card later? Choose a card that will allow you to increase your balance and upgrade to a card with more competitive conditions. This makes it easier to open your card for a long time, which increases the average age of accounts.
For low interest rates, 0% APR or account balance:
0% What is the APR period and what is the current interest APR? Find cards that will give you enough time to pay your interest-free interest. If you plan to spend your credit for many years, then consider the low-cost APR credit card.
What are the guidelines for adjusting the card? When you transfer balance, check the transfer fee of the card. Find out what type of debt you can move and if you have a limit for moving forward. Note that the APR purchase on the card may be different from the APR.
Which card is awarded? While looking for a few months with the APR of 0% you might be able to find the card also reduces the number of productive run prices - perhaps instead of sign up bonuses -
For awards, travel or cash back cards:
How do I spend my money? Find the cards with the highest prices for the categories you spend the most. If you spend a lot of money, if you pay the prize money, you should get a card with the annual award. If you plan to use a card abroad, in addition to the USA Standard Chip-and-sign technology, you can find a foreign transaction fee and anyone with the ability to chip-and-pin. This applies to other card types as well.
How complex is this credit card? If you do not want to struggle with limited availability of seats, cost caps, bonus awards and loyalty level, think about the flat cash back-award card.
How often can I earn a reward and how valuable is it? For answers to these questions, read the review by Neraldlet.
4. Apply for a card with the highest total value
This is a simple part of compressing your decisions, but it can be difficult to choose between two or three identical cards. If you have a clear winner already after step 3, go with it. If not, it's time for a tiebreaker round.

Take a look at the differences. All other values ​​are the same, here are some of the factors that can separate the map:

For Students and Secure Cards:
Credit limit is automatically increased. Some cards allow you to increase your threshold after a certain time.
Interest on your deposit has been paid. For some secured cards, your deposit interest rates will be stored on the CD. That way, you can earn a small amount.
For low interest rates, 0% APR or account balance:
For some issuer of a loan planer, you can create your own debt payment plan in online portals. If you are flooded with debt, then this is a valuable tool.
No delay fees or penalties for any APR. Some cards leave this fee. If you take a payment solution, it can be easy.
For awards, travel or cash back cards:
Lower cost is essential for the sign-up bonus, the better you spend as much as you can to qualify.
No expiration date on the awards Some cards allow you to use your compensation until you open the card.