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Easy to Maintain & Long Lasting Magnetic Bug Screens for Windows

Basic to preserve & highly durable, your brand-new magnetic insect displays are optimal for those hot summer season months where a steady stream of cool air is always a welcome addition magnetic fly screens inside any kind of space.

In addition to keeping the flies out of your work or home, a quality do it yourself magnetic insect screen set up (delivered FREE to your home from the group @ will certainly not obstruct your view or obstruct out any kind of all-natural light.

As producing a comfortable working or living environment, a magnetic home window fly display system is also totally certified to your neighborhood food firm which means they are the optimal option for hotel kitchens, food suppliers, and active restaurants.

Whether you are seeking a DIY home window screen for the house, or for a service place, these functional DIY bug displays will deliver years of exceptional performance with no expensive maintenance or cleaning costs.