Three Projects By Roberto Hroval Which Will Impress You

Posted by RobertoHrovalPRC, 7 months ago

Ever wondered till when would this Earth survive, considering the extent of waste production and energy consumption a man is doing?

There is only so much a person can do to prevent himself from creating waste. But looking at the larger picture, single man's effort won't really make much of a difference.

The energy resources are actively and quickly getting consumed. And at the same rate, man is busy creating large amounts of waste. Amidst all this, there is 1 relief that a mankind can feel.

And that is in the form of the man - Roberto Hroval.

Roberto Hroval is one of the popular personalities who is actively working towards the welfare of mankind. Some of his projects will leave you impressed and might motivate you to take some action yourself as well.

Who is Roberto Hroval?

Founder of PatentReal Corporation, Roberto Hroval invests the resources and his energy into technologies that would bring drastic benefits to people of this planet. There are various popular projects he has taken under his wing. Some of those include

Project Phoenix8 - Product Reincarnation Technology™

Two of the major problems which I talked about earlier here are unlimited waste and depletion of energy resources. And these are exactly the two things that this project by PatentReal Corporation plan to eliminate. This project takes up waste and worn out products and convert them into energy and new products.

There are two steps that take place in this project's working.

  • In the first phase, used material or waste is converted into liquid form, thereby releasing energy.
  • In the second phase, this liquid form is converted into new products.

This project's potential has also been realized by many experts and investors today. Like by Josef Kluy, a Head of International Business Development at BluechemGROUP, a billion dollar German company with partners in 90 countries, and with a flattering title “One of the 100 most valuable brands of the year”. He said that Product Reincarnation Technology™ is an ingenious invention; a breakthrough that puts all previously known in the shade.

And we hope to see a better future very soon.

AGE - Biomass Ultima Technology

It is also similar to the previous project, with the difference that it takes up wood waste and convert that into value products like organic carbon and electricity. And all of this is done in a very environment friendly way, causing only boon to the environment. 

Even though there are numerous biomass technologies available in the market, but what makes this different from the rest is its way of production. While other technologies harm the nature in the way, this technology is completely green.

Water Desalination Technology

This earth is made up of more than 70% of water, yet we have only limited quantity to drink. Why?

The water from oceans and other bodies is very saline, not at all fit for drinking. And no good, cost efficient technology has been made so far to convert that water into drinkable form. 

With this technology, Roberto Hroval targets that very need. It desalinizesthe water in a very efficient way. Currently, the product is under testingphase with the first unit already set up in Slovenia, EU. And hopefully very soon this water problem will also be eliminated from the face of Earth.