Tired of Putting Up with Hard Water?

Posted by KroghRasmussen4-blog, 8 months ago

Almost ninety percent of homes in the US have hard water. While the exact chemical composition of the water is different from one area to another, the results are the same. A terrible taste, stains on all the porcelain, appliances that require premature replacing, and irritated skin are just a few of the hassles that hard water brings to a household. The costs of bottled drinking water, extra detergents, lotions, and new appliances are staggering, as are the frequent plumbing repairs.

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Hard water affects more than just drinking water and appliances. Clothing is another cost that becomes exorbitant when hard water is present. The extra detergent to get clothing clean is only one added cost. The water also breaks down the fabrics, fades the colors, makes seams fray, causes pills on sweaters and jackets, and makes clothing scratchy. Clothing needs to be replaced earlier than expected because it stretches, becomes ruined, and looks drab.

lawson family plumbing is also damaged by hard water. Wood furniture becomes dry, which can cause splintering, warping, peeling, and fading. If the damaged is noticed early enough, it may be counteracted with oils and sealants. That will also add to the monthly expenses but may avoid replacing the furniture. Carpets, flooring, fabrics, and upholstery also fades and breaks down because cleaning is done with the same hard water.


Once homeowners add up all the costs of dealing with hard water, the situation is unacceptable. There is a cost-effective and long-lasting solution. Getting a phoenix water softener system installed will eliminate all the hassles, replacements, and costs associated with hard water. The first step is an assessment by an experienced company. The hard wate