Polishing Your Granite Countertop

Posted by baconpolish9-blog, 7 months ago

Granite is one of the hardest natural stones upon earth. Commonly installed in homes as kitchen or bathroom countertops, granite is a durable material that can withstand years of normal wear and tear. Professionally hermetic and properly maintained, countertops can put in and
countertop installation Atlantalayer the value of your property and find the money for you many years of practical use and enjoyment.

Preventive Maintenance

To save your countertops looking in the manner of new, avoid feel glasses or cups directly on them. Use coasters to prevent stains. Remember, heat can also stain granite, appropriately do not place warm pans and pots directly on them.

Quickly handle any spills, but avoid suitably wiping them off; instead, dab them subsequent to a temperate towel to prevent the spill from spreading to a greater area. Avoid
countertops atlanta or any alcohol products on granite. The chemical response between barbed and the calcite in the granite can cause the surface to colorless or etch.

If your countertops see past they could use a good cleaning, realize not use regular household cleaners. Most household cleaners have high pH solutions (like ammonia-based window cleaners) or are simply too abrasive which unexciting or broken the surface of your granite countertops. pick a product that has a neuter pH level.

Cleaning your Granite Countertops

Most granite countertops are tolerably unassailable back they are installed in homes. Professional installers usually recommend resealing granite countertops every three years. To encourage granite keep its lovely shine, however, it is indispensable to polish it regularly. This is easily done.