7 Essential Yoga Poses for Beginners

Posted by sharadayogapeeth-com, 7 months ago

Yoga practice gives the bunch of health benefits like reducing chronic pain, reduce stress, lessen anxiety, fight depression and lower blood sugar levels. If you are new of yoga or we can say that you are a beginner in yoga so keep in mind there are some most essential yoga poses you must do in your yoga session. For learning traditional yoga, you must join the Yoga Teacher Training. In this course, you will learn all the aspects of conventional yoga such as meditation, Pranayama, yoga philosophy, and yoga kriya. Practicing yoga helps in improving the body posture and also increases the flexibility of the body.

•    Mountain Pose: This is most common yoga pose to do for a beginner. In this pose, you only have to stand straight and open your chest. Do it for 5 to 8 breaths to feel relaxed.

•    Plank: This yoga pose is best to build the core strength. In this yoga, you have to balance your whole body weight. It is the perfect way to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

•    Triangle: This yoga pose is best for stretching your body muscles. By doing this yoga poses you will feel relaxed, and your whole body will feel toned.

•    Tree: In this yoga pose you have to stand on one leg and balance your whole body weight. By doing this yoga poses it make your bone stronger and also increase the physical strength.

•    Warrior: If you want to build the strength or stamina, then do warriors represent. In this pose, it will stretch your hips and thighs muscles. It is one of best pose for building the lower body strength and core muscles.

•    Forward Bend Seated: It is very appropriate that you must stretch your hamstring, lower back, upper back and sides of the body. The seated forward bend is best yoga pose to stretch your body muscles.

•    Bridge: It is quite similar like seated forward bend pose, but in this yoga pose you have to bend your back. It is essential for a beginner to do because it stretches the front and back body together.

All the above yoga poses taught by the professional yoga trainer in the Yoga Teacher Training. Once you completed this course, you will know every aspect of yoga. Rehearsal yoga in every day will give to health benefits and keep you focused or calm.