Graphic LED show asynchronous control know-how to explain

Asynchronous graphic handle technological innovation is LED show(EN12966) with automatic storage and playback functions on the laptop editing the text and no grayscale photographs, LED display pass by way of the serial interface or other network, and after that instantly play alone through the LED screen. Commonly exhibits the straightforward text and pictures. Then the master handle Pc will require to show various facts and handle commands by means of serial communication way incoming display management panel inside the inner display management panel incorporates a microcontroller and memory, the knowledge stored inside the display management panel, after which observe the command display to the LED display.

An asynchronous control process has the following characteristics:

1, because the control card memory is constrained room, a lot as what is displayed, this kind of as basic text and pics.

2, a system first to preset information stored while in the management program, in order that the panel can play independent information file, the computer system is no longer topic to the affect on the boot.

3, to the event, mainly smaller sized LED show, and the contents on the utilization of a long time, won't need regular substitute.

2nd, asynchronous handle factors

one. Adapter: Pc applying the serial port RS232 protocol as a result of the RS232-RS485 adapter cable, adapter-type optical isolation.

2, the handle panel: Computer, data is received and transmitted through a variety of serial communication handle commands to be displayed within the management panel has a microcontroller and memory, the information stored while in the display management panel, and then in accordance on the command is displayed around the screen.

Features are as follows:

1, when the quantity of points is 128 or less vertical and horizontal dots might be up to 2000 factors. Should the portrait is 16:00, horizontal reach 4,000 factors.

2, big capacity memory assistance twelve proprietary font character font as well as a substantial font, the storage capacity of sixteen display.

3, is usually managed by a personal computer, you are able to also show off alone.

4, the information is usually stored for any year right after a electrical power failure.

five, that has a real-time clock calendar functions.

Third, the single cable (four cores)

Four-wire program: a pair of differential twisted pair receiver, and also the other is sent to a differential twisted pair. 1200 m distance communication. Applying bus network structure, below highest load 32-bit machine.

Fourth, the Pc series broadcast application

LED display (Agape)dedicated communication system series broadcast program, in line with LED screen graphic manage protocol. Unique lengths to meet the multi-block, edit and broadcast monochrome diverse width or dual shade LED show text and picture programs. Screen each time you send as much as sixteen plans.

Asynchronous handle method is mainly utilized to a smaller location, the case won't call for simultaneous show of a computer show display. This kind of as dynamic screen area and all types of small-screen show, all types of industrial consumers.Get more quality standards of EN12966 led traffic sign, you can learn more about Agape Technology. TEL:+86(0)755-23884258  E-mail:[email protected]