Utah teacher who gave sex, drugs purity test reinstated

Posted by rapid-questionnaire, 6 months ago

An Utah secondary teacher who was put on leave for doling out understudies a survey that authorities and guardians state improperly gotten some information about understudy sex lives, medication and liquor use has been restored. Want to know about History of Rice Purity Test? Just click on the link.

Weber School District representative Lane Findlay said Friday that area authorities wrapped up a four-day examination concerning the educator's utilization of the study at Roy High School as a major aspect of a "Grown-up Roles" course showing understudies human connections.

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Findlay says educator Candace Thurgood may confront some "remedial activity" however he didn't have subtleties.

The poll was not part of the educational modules but rather may have been repurposed from a decades-old Ann Landers exhortation segment.

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Thurgood has declined through Findlay to remark amid the examination. She didn't quickly react to an email Friday looking for input. 

Authorities state the overview won't be utilized once more.