On account of a mistake in Facebook's app apps from other companies can see pictures of owners that was published not on Facebook itself.

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In Total, 876 appbouwers of approximately 1500 apps had access to photos of as much as 6.8 million users, reports Facebook itself. It might have been photos that users have placed on the Facebook components Marketplace or maybe stories, but not on the schedule of the social network website.

The very first is as the title already betrays a component where users are able to buy as well as sell equipment among themselves, the second a platform where a post is on twenty four hours then disappears.
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Well published, not posted

Though it can also be pictures that owners had already published, but had not yet posted definitively. This is a draft message, that has not been posted, for instance, because someone did not have a good online connection, the company provides an example.

This can also be because somebody decided that the photo could not come online anyway.
Twelve Days

As a result of an oversight, app developers can already see these photos while they typically don't have access to them. The error lasted from 13 to twenty five September, then the gap is closed.

Facebook emphasizes that it is just for recognized apps and just for pictures of owners that had offered the apps permission.

Users who could possibly have been affected will be informed via Facebook. There they are going to see which apps have had permission to access the pictures. The company will collaborate with the designers who could retrieve the pictures to eliminate them from the files of theirs.