Fiber optic manufacturer’s talking about fiber optic training

You would say that I know what fiber optic is when I ask do you know what the essential point of fiber optic is. However, we can hear the talk about fiber optic training from fiber optic manufacturer in china, which will enhance our knowledge about the fiber optic.


Since most of us have known the definition of the fiber optic, then we should cut the direct point of fiber optic training. The fiber optic products most sold online may be the various fiber optic cable assemblies and related components. This will include fiber optic patch cables, fiber optic jumper, fiber optic pigtails, fiber optic loop backs and fiber optic splitters. Generally all the fiber optic products are classified by single mode fiber type and multimode fiber type so is the cable assembly. Nowadays, we can find these products with multifarious types in fiber optic cable supplier. However, have you thought about the quality of it? As you know the famous RJ45 connectors are used in telephone networks, wherever you go in the world, it is the exactly same design. But the story is different in fiber optic area. There are many kinds of fiber optic connectors designed by different companies to use with their equipment. So the cables with these different connectors on them are accordingly many types. If you are selling products online, you may mostly encounter with these fiber optic connectors types, SC, LC, ST, FC, MU, MTRJ, E2000, SMA, ESCON and FDDI. All of them are single mode and multimode version available. Because the cable assemblies are actually cable plus the connectors, so it is necessary that you have some knowledge of these fiber optic connectors.


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