High-Class Escorts From PovertyWorking Class Backgrounds

Posted by Linnet19McDougall-blog, 6 months ago

As mention, there is an irony associated with high-class escorts/prostitutes, because most of the so called high-class escorts are women from low-class/poverty backgrounds. Because of their youth or beauty, these women from low-tier backgrounds can sell themselves to wealthy, rich patrons for generous amounts, and to that end some can bring themselves out of poverty. However, many remain in low income. I have met countless beautiful women who make thousands a week, yet they live in terrible conditions. The reasoning to do this is drugs. High-class escorts often take high-class drugs (cocaine) to cope using misery. Indeed many of these kinds of women hate selling themselves, but they are driven by the easy moolah. Their alternative options cannot give them the autonomy and financial ease as prostitution provides. To together with their agony of letting undesirable men grope and penetrate their body, correctly forms of relaxers to alleviate the emotional pain. The women mentioned above are not keen on this job, whilst other ladies (such as myself) can enjoy aspects of it.
I, too, was driven for the money and the autonomy. In my case, I used Louis Vuitton handbags as a source for temporary happiness (which didnt work).
Columbia Escorts got involved some other ways of coping the brand new implications of being a prostitute. I witness a number of escorts using partying, drugs, painkillers, and alcohol to address their misery. Of course, they end up with multiple addictions, and eventually they end up selling themselves to pay for their drug habits. Eventually, their drug habits damage their beauty, and resultantly, of course, the price of these women drop dramatically in the same rate as their eroding beauty. Many beautiful high-class women, from numerous abuse and neglect, turn into low-level street prostitutes. Possess seen once beautiful, vibrant escorts transform