Why You Should Check Out the Skybasic Wireless Digital Microscope

Posted by idigitalmicroscope, 6 months ago

Skybasic is a company that is well known for the success of its long line of digital microscopes that have been released for use across the globe. Its latest addition, the Skybasic Wireless Digital Microscope, is one of the things that you should be checking out if you are looking for quality digital microscopes. It is jampacked with excellent features while still being affordable, making it a tough competition in the world of digital microscopes. Both regular and professional observers will truly want to add this digital microscope to their collection.


The Skybasic Wireless Digital Microscope is a handheld digital microscope that has the capacity to magnify objects up to 1000x. It can also capture images of the objects that have been magnified at a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080. And its features do not just stop there. What makes this digital microscope even worth purchasing will be its price. It just retails below $50, and you can immediately check the microworld through it.


Compatible with Windows and Mac computers, the Skybasic Wireless Digital Microscope is designed to work seamlessly with your mobile device. You can share files easily and pair devices wirelessly because it is already Wi-Fi able. You can thus stream live footage of the specimens that you are observing straight to your device even beyond 33 feet. This means that you can indeed manipulate the microscope over the air and from a distance using your gadget of choice. By tapping a few options found on your phone screen, you will immediately be able to record videos and take high-quality pictures of your specimens. Skybasic ensures to create a dedicated mobile app that users of this digital microscope can easily install on their phones for free. This app will make sure that the wireless use of this digital microscope is made possible with your smart device.


Though the Skybasic Wireless Digital Microscope only offers you a 2-megapixel camera, it makes use of HD CMOS sensor image processing technology. This piece of technology helps to improve the quality of the images that you have captured using this microscope. This technology is one of the reasons why the camera of this digital microscope is more than enough. Once you have captured your choice of videos and photos from your microscope, you can then proceed to automatically store them into your connected devices like your computer or phone.


The Skybasic Wireless Digital Microscope comes with a minimalistic design with some simple buttons. This allows ease of operations. You can find its magnification button easily from the thumb area of the device. This enables easy maneuvering of the microscope. You may choose to use the physical buttons to zoom in and out of your specimens or you may choose to do both wirelessly using your connected device. It also has a USB charging cord that will let you charge your digital microscope easily. Aside from that, this also allows connecting of your digital microscope to your projector or television easier. By providing your learners with a bigger picture of your specimens, they will be able to appreciate their studies more and even learn more from them. You will not have a hard time making sure of this because of how easy it is to use this digital microscope.


Video: https://youtu.be/QIjnckZa-i4