What to Expect from the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope?

Posted by digitalmicroscope, 6 months ago



A lot of things can be done with the power of Wi-Fi connectivity. It is no wonder why the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope is capable of offering you a lot of features that you do not easily get with other types of digital microscopes. Traditional microscopes have even moved over further all because of the creation of this new breed of digital microscopes.


So, what can you expect from the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope? Basically, it is just like most digital microscopes in the sense that it is handheld and very portable. The main difference with this digital microscope model from other digital microscope models, though, will have to be that it seamlessly synchronizes with any smart device that you have. This main feature enables the observer to be able to capture their images and stream their videos live on the internet. Going back to its name, you can see that it is capable of Wi-Fi connectivity that will go well with any Wi-Fi capable devices like most smartphones these days.


The Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope is also ergonomically designed. You will not have a hard time using this digital microscope with the use of only one of your hands. The other can then go to your smart device so you will be able to control your digital microscope functions much better. By tapping the screen of your smartphone or any smart device for that matter, you will be able to capture images or record videos of your specimens using the camera of this digital microscope. You can also do these things by pressing the trigger that this particular digital microscope model comes with. Indeed, sharing is learning when you make use of this digital microscope.


One other detail of the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope that makes it stand out from its other digital microscope competitors will be its ability to provide up to 80x magnification. This feature helps to compensate the 0.3-megapixel maximum image resolution of this digital microscope. While this camera resolution is below the current digital camera standards, a lot of users of this digital microscope consider its performance above average still. This means that you still get to capture very crisp images with no dark screen presence on your smart device as you do live streaming and video recording.


If you use the Celestron Micro Wi-Fi Microscope, make sure that you have its compatible Micro Fi app installed on your smart device. You can find this app on both Google Play and the App Store. After downloading this free app on your device, make sure that you read the instructions of how you should use it. Once you have, you can then enjoy getting the microscopic view of your specimens directly from your smart device like your smartphone. Successful linking of your device to the digital microscope is indicated by a green color of its Wi-Fi LED. If you are having issues synchronizing your digital microscope with your smart device, make sure to turn off your microscope for a minute and then turn it back on. This usually resolves the issue of impossible Wi-Fi linking. You then proceed to share your items through direct email or social media sites by using the Wi-Fi.