Why you Must Have an Instagram Online Marketing Strategy?

Posted by holablog, 5 months ago

Today, every business must have a very active social media presence. If you are a business person and you think that Instagram is for selfies, travel snaps and a bunch of photos from 800 million users, then you might want to re-think again. Statistics show that 80 % of active users on Instagram follows at least one business and 60 percent often report to have discovered a new product on this platform. In other words, your online marketing strategy will never be complete without Instagram. But, what exactly will Instagram bring to marketing strategy?

Instagram increases web site traffic

Visibility on Instagram is relatively easy, which means you can easily direct this visibility to your site. This is all about getting the visits on your profile to your site, blog or your online store. Just add the URL of your site in the biography of your profile, add it to your photo location, or including reviews of your clients, or perhaps showcase the latest product launch and you are good to go. You can also increase traffic by having more follower and likes. If you want to advance traffic of your site instantly can buy IG follower or instant Instagram likes at https://friendlylikes.com/

More engaged audience than other media platform

Statistics have proven that Instagram has a more engaged audience when compared to other social media platform like Facebook. One report indicates that Instagram has 58 more time engagement for each follower than Facebook The report also indicates that follower often tends to shy away when an advertisement is placed on Facebook than when on Instagram. At least 68% of the Instagram users are said to engage with a brand compares to only 32 percent of Facebook followers. So, those hashtags are your best weapon to increase engagement with your target audience.

Instagram provides analytics that may be useful to your brand

Measuring success on Instagram is easier than with other platforms. You can easily monitor your follower's counts and the engagement activities like the friendly likes and clicks. You can take the step forward, and build an analytic report that can help your business to interpret results on about your Instagram campaign. This means you can easily know the strategy that works best for your brand and use them for sustained success.

You can feed it to the rest of your Marketing channels

Every social network requires content to be designed for it, but you can use the network you already have and used it for the benefit of a new one. The main advantage of Instagram is that the content you post on it can be shared to the rest of the network. You can automatically share the content you create on Instagram on Twitter and even Facebook. This means you can amortize the content you create, and this gives you longer life and more reach users.

This post is just a scratch on the surface about the benefits you get when you use Instagram as part of your online marketing campaign. However, it is enough to help you decide whether it's worth your time, but given its rapid growth recently, you have a hundred reasons to consider using it on your marketing strategy.