After Dispatcher Training

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I've had worth it to read experiences lately. I was brought in to some local hospitality company to handle the recruiting because of their summer help. Most of the applications were from students who had never worked before. This particular client has numerous opportunities for high school students to get their first experience of the field of work. I probably hired over 100 kids, then provided orientation and counsel. It was quite eye opening to find out how they dressed for that interviews, that they handled the queries about themselves, and even more importantly, their attitudes. You can teach those simple skills about how precisely to dress and what things to say, but you can't teach attitude. It's either good or it's not. It was my job to find the good ones. Uniforms were provided, nevertheless the small things like ladies jewelry, tattoos, piercing, hair on your face and proper shoes were all conveyed in orientation. Customer Service was the main factor in these jobs, these kids required to understand. Simple safety instructions made sense, but had to be taught. It's also interesting to get noticable having less knowledge in simple communication skills. And above all, the competition of those jobs was fierce. There were never below 4000 applications during my inbox without notice. There were probably 20 walk in applicants every day. And still, recruiting to get quality was imperative.

Second, employers need to begin outlining cause real progress and defining their company's mission this also begins by asking what concern is it the company must solve and exactly how other probably have addressed the same matters before. In order to really feel that their work is accomplishing something which it serves a goal in moving the organization forward, first they have to be capable to know what it is the corporation is headed for. Understand, this is not a profits goal; say, we want to reach $X by this time the coming year. No, as a way to motivate employees a company's goal should be something a bit larger and meaningful.

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