When the Broken life lead to corruptions and won't stop until reset

Posted by cartoon-blogger-rafaell, 5 months ago

Take down all nicknames we must decode all names what are encrypted with a example : Rarity ----> ?????

I mean to find a way to understand anyway for my mistakes and the fallen the fake account that pretent that act like me they will pay for using my own pictures and stealing my intelectualy innocent behavior.Rafael is sued by his Mom (Mother Bat) after he cleanup his minions from his YT When Endermanch post false things since 2017 he too lazy to sent a email to our to fix the issue or removal or remake.Who created the tragedy 18 MARCH will pay all damages to the friendship.Any attempt by uninvited guest to post a OC Base to Raf's wall page this guy that did all will lead to a account breach report sent.Now Raf Is sued by anti-EQG Removers and he lead itself to be BAN From teaching itself to fly so revoking ban will not lead to the second 2nd change.The members that tries to contact with raf adventures like : terrorised hot holiday or some unwanted unlucky maked him to act angry sad or weird this is to stop FINDING ALONE THE CURIOZITY JUST ASK YOUR PARENTS NOW.Unsafe zones are dangerous when they are fake or i am crying i SWEAR TO THE anonymous that changed me in a weird zone!!!!!!I don't enumerate all members that see like :ThePro aka can i hmm cat using flying utorrent and XFrog Froggy tries to make Endy and Fly that he was mad for some reason.Now Fighting who pay mistakes the Provoker or the victim?