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Bigo live connector is an app launched by Bigo Technology. After the success of Bigo Live,
they have stepped ahead with this new application called Bigo Live connector. With over 

"50 Million Bigo Live connector"-Bigo Live – Live Stream users. launches its new application "Bigo Live connector".

Bigo Connector is very useful as it attracts users to stream their PC directly. Bigo Live PC connector is essential for all the Bigo live users as it allows you to stream PC games.
Bigo Live Connector allows you to broadcast your game play with one click to scan. You can go live with multi videos display, sync fan’s message on your desktop, and more. 

Bigo Live Connector is a tool developed by Bigo Live Team for users to streaming on Windows PC, which is especially for those who want to go on streaming within
thin computer games. You can either record a game or capture the screen on your computer.

Bigo technology has made advances by launching a new application namely “Bigo Live Connector” after the success of BIGO LIVE