Movie Review - Cellular

Posted by piperlangworth11, 3 months ago

I had a chance to watch Cellular another day and my initial thought was that here we go with a different spin-off of Phone Boothanother movie with someone forced to keep on the telephone for 90 a while while we innovate in our chair. But, to my surprise, this is actually a very entertaining movie. I'm am not really sure what genre to classify this movie in because it has it all. Suspense, drama, action, comic aid; this movie gets everything. Jessica is a high school mathematics teacher, (that happens to wear fishnet stockings!!) Who gets her home broken into and inexplicably taken away to an unknown location from the"bad guys" and put in a loft. They smash the telephone hanging on the walls and move to lock Jessica in the loft. Jessica subsequently"rigs" the damaged telephone (remember - she's a science instructor ) and is able to randomly dial up a telephone number. Jessica finds a live amount and lo and behold, it's Ryan's cell phone. The movie then proceeds from there. Jessica cries out for someone that she doesn't know in a desperate plea for assistance. Ryan initially has the normal reaction that anybody could have when receiving a call such as this, but goes beyond the call of duty in a bid to conserve a woman he doesn't even know. I am not likely to be the spoiler and that is all I will tell you, but that is a good sleeper movie. Can it be a little far fetched? Yes, but what exactly. Forget about your troubles and sit and watch Cellular, I guarantee you will never be disappointed!