Embellish Your Home with Large Modern Chandelier

Buying the suitable size of chandelier is rather most important consideration when shopping for a new home décor item. This new addition would change the appearance of your home. Your home will look more graceful than ever before. Surely your guests will be surprised to see this new home décor item. Here are some proper guidelines for finding the perfect fit before you buy. Undeniably, a beautiful home décor item can change your mood of sensitivity.

Dining Areas:

For dining areas, a simple rule is that your chandler should be about twelve inches narrower than the dining table surface, and have at least four feet of distance from the room walls.

Standard Ceilings:

For an 8’ ceiling, a modern chandelier will be mostly preferable. The bottom of the chandelier should hang thirty to thirty four inches over the table. Go three inches higher for each additional foot of ceiling height.

High ceilings and luxurious Entryways:

For vaulted ceilings and luxurious entryways, most of the people choose an easy equation to get you started. Now most of professional interior designer prefer large modern chandeliers. For every foot of ceiling height you want to allow 2-3 inches in the height of your hanging fixture. In this case, a large ceiling needs large chandeliers.


Landings usually have high ceilings that are perfect to tall chandeliers. You can also hang these higher than normal. However, you need to remember that the higher a design hangs, the smaller it looks. So you need to buy a litter larger than usual.

Furthermore, nowadays there are several websites offer different colorful large modern chandeliers with attractive prices. These are rather beautiful home décor items to make your living place graceful. You can embellish alcove, create an elegant entryway, or add a charming touch to the dining room or bedroom with luxury looks in crystal and antique mood.