What is alpaca wool?

Alpaca wool is a kind of wool which comes from alpaca.
With coarse and fine fiber, the thickness of alpaca wool is mixed; the average diameter of alpaca wool fiber is 22-30 mm; the length of the fine wool is about 50mm, and the length of coarse wool is up to 200mm. It is finer and softer than mohair; its color is white, brown, yellow brown or black; no matter the strength and warmth, it is much higher than wool.

Alpaca wool is mainly produced in Peru, Argentina, and become popular in the world. It can be used as a light summer dress, coat, and woolen sweater and so on.
By the dimension, alpaca wool has four thoroughbreds and they are Vicuna, Alpaca, Llama and Guanaco.  Alpaca and Llama are hybridized together, and then it comes into being two crossbreeds:  “Huarizo” and “Mist – I”. Huarizo is the hybrid offspring of the Llama ram and Alpaca ewe; and “Mist – I” is hybrid offspring of the Alpaca ram and Llama ewe.