Five Merits of Having an Oily Skin

Five Merits of Having an Oily Skin

So, you believe it is totally bad and ill to have an oily type of skin? I suggest you think through it again. You shouldn’t be discouraged by the occasional breakout. Below are the five merits of having oily skin.

Slow ageing rate: Oily skinned people have a lesser ageing rate than those with dry skin. This is because the oily skin camouflages the wrinkles and fine lines.

If your skin is oily, your skin will glow naturally at all times. This shiny, oily face does not look ugly at all times. Most people spend their fortune, purchasing very costly skin products to have the shiny zone, but you got yours without spending a dime.

Natural face oils: Your face has natural oils; these oils ensure your face and skin is healthy, soft and fresh always. You wouldn’t require costly night and day creams for smoothness and skin protection. These oils make your skin moisturised all day long. The skin due to its oil content develops natural resistance to the suns’ UV rays and other harsh environmental condition.

Low cost maintenance: Due to the oil, expensive foundations are not needed; this is to say that a simple touch of talcum powder keeps you going. This translates to low make-up cost.