What You Need To Know About Torrence Boone NYC

What You Need To Know About Torrence Boone NYC

Torrence Boone is something of an anomaly in the business world. He was a graduate of Harvard Business School in 1995.  Torrence Boone NYC went on to create a company called Enfatico. Enfatico was a promising start when it landed a contract with its first major corporation, Dell.


Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, Boone's business failed to garner any more clients. The company went under and Torrence Boone was deemed "unemployable." Yet, as soon as this happened, he was taken on board by Google.


He is the managing director of director agency development. Google saw him as extremely prepared to take on the role with them because of his immersion in the digital marketing sector.


Boone is enjoying his corporate career,  for which his undergraduate studies at Stanford University prepared him. There, he studied economics and was an honor student. Initially, his aim at age 13 was to perform as a dancer or jazz musician. He went to Philips Academy in Andover and took jazz classes.

He nearly succeeded in making music his career path. After completing his studies at Harvard Business School, he danced at a club called Jacob's Pillow. By 2005, the Joyce Theater in the Chelsea area of New York City, contacted him to become a part of their board, which he did. This was despite the fact that Boone was already a large presence in the digital marketing world.


He still maintains his position on the Joyce Theater board and enjoys the balance it lends him with his love for music and dance as well as his involvement in the corporate world. He also holds a position on the board of Citizen Schools in New York.