How To Reset ASUS Router Password

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How To Reset ASUS Router Password

It is always a good practice to reset your ASUS router password the first time you use it or when you want to secure it so that only you can access it.

To reset the admin password of your ASUS router

·  Open the web browser on a device connected to your router, and input [] into the address-bar then press [Enter]. Enter [admin] as the default username and password, click [OK]. Alternatively you can also  type: in your browser to access the admin panel.

·  Select Status – Security and use the drop down box to either change the username or the password.To reset the Wi-Fi password of your ASUS router

·  Go to the Admin panel of the Asus Router and login using the correct username and password

·  Once you login you are on the dash of the ASUS router

·  Click on Wireless panel in the Administrative Settings option

·  From the Wireless panel, you will see the different type of Options related to WiFi.

·  First select the SSID and WiFi Band you need to change the password for, if your router doesn’t support multiple bands and SSID then ignore this step.

·  Select the password protection types WEP/WEP2, etc.

·  Enter the new password in the password field and click on save.


TPLink Archer A6 Wireless Router Review 

With TPLinks renewed interest in offering the best bang for your buck with its new Archer lineup, the A6 takes center stage as a compromise between the entry-level A5 coming in at $39.99 and mid-range A7 at $64.99. 

On the hardware side, the A6 takes advantage of the Qualcomm QCA9563 the same SoC used in the more expensive A7. That trend continues through with both the A6 and 7 sharing the same amount of memory at 128M and NAND at 16M. Radios for the A6 include the BGN solution integrated into the SoC which also handles ethernet switching while a secondary QCA9886 handles 2x2 802.11ac duties. 

MSRP of the TP-Link Archer A6 comes in at $49.99 with a two-year warranty.

Packaging follows the enhanced color way of the new Archer lineup. Image of the router offset to the right with marketing to the left. 

The spine offers specifications and features. Included in the box we have the router, power adapter, and ethernet cable. 

The exterior of the A6 is a piano black finish, very high gloss. Centered is a panel with power, Wi-Fi, and internet connectivity LEDs. 

The backside offers power, reset and WPS to the left side while the single WAN and four LAN are to the right. 

Setup starts with setting up SSID and passwords.

We then move into the dashboard, which for the most part, is identical to the Archer A20. Wireless settings include the ability to disable each band separately and the ability to change SSID or password. 

The A6 has a separate parental control interface as well as QoS, whereas HomeCare supported unit have both integrated into one menu. 

The QoS menu is much different, allowing only basic setup that includes up and downstream bandwidth.

As for testing, we used our standard process with the test system below. Starting with LAN throughput, we see the A6 coming in at 946Mbps. 

The Archer A6 comes in the middle of the pack with wireless throughput with 89Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 534Mbps on 5GHz. That said it does beat out early 802.11ac solutions including the Nighthawk X4 and Linksys 9500.