from building up balenciaga bag in landfills

Environmentally Friendly Panty Hose [b][url=]balenciaga bags outlet[/url][/b] Recycling Ideas

Ecofriendly pantyhose recycling methods help to reduce the production of nylon, a common fiber used to make women's stockings. Nylon is a nonbiodegradable material that requires significant energy consumption to make pantyhose.

In years past, many women have unwittingly thrown away old or damaged nylon panty hose not knowing about any environmental dangers in discarding such a simple product. Today, women can prevent their garments from building up in landfills by reusing old pantyhose. And with the advent of green products in the marketplace, consumers can buy nylonfree pantyhose made from organic [b][url=]balenciaga bag sale[/url][/b] materials.

Household Ideas for Organic PantyhosePanty hose can easily be transformed into household cleaning, storage, and decorative objects. The following ideas involve reusing clean pantyhose for indoor use.

1) For cleaning: Pantyhose can be cut up into both small and large polishing cloths. Use the pantyhose to shine shoes, dust knickknacks, clean appliances, and polish furniture. Make a handy quickcleaning cloth by cutting the foot section off the panty hose and then [b][url=]balenciaga bag[/url][/b] stretching it around your hand to use a cleaning mitt.

2) For storage: Stretch pantyhose legs to store wrapping paper, or produce and plastic bags. Since the material is porous and able to circulate air for freshness, pantyhose are perfect for storing vegetables like garlic bulbs or onions.

3) For decoration: Make pantyhose sachets filled with potpourri, spices, or scented bath beads. Tie off the ends of the sachets with ribbons and use the sachets as room or closet fresheners. The elastic waistband of colored panty hose can be recycled into a pretty headband.

Buying Organic PantyhoseThere are a few eco friendly clothing companies that sell nylon free panty hose and tights:

Sternlein Organic Hosiery is manufactured from wool and organic cotton fibers. Available for both women and children, Sternlein pantyhose are sold in a variety of colors and patterns.

Maggie Functional Organics offers organic cottonblend lightweight, knit, [b] [/b] textured, and striped tights for carbonconscious consumers.

Country Kids, a division of Jeffries Socks, has a line of 82% organic tights for children and young teens. These tights are available in a range of fun colors and designs.