Desert Wildlife Across the Wendover Casino Area

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The Great Outside

Wendover is well-known for its immense high scenery, and wild animals including elk, deer, mountain lion and the big horn sheep.

If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, out here you may mountain bike, horseback ride, relax and watch migrating birds in the Bluebell Wilderness Service Area, fish to your heart’s content, roam the country on your ATV or just lay on the lawn looking at the clouds and some of the very most beautiful sunsets on earth.

Whatever your desire may be, it is all in the forecast!

The DesertsDeserts are warm areas with very little water, but they're still full of plant and animal life!

North America is home to four deserts. These include the Great Basin, the Mojave, the Sonoran, and the Chihuahuan. Fortunately, two of these deserts, the Mojave and the Great Basin, are found in Wendover.

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The Mojave

Mojave Desert is remarkably different. Here, you will find Gila monsters and desert tortoises all living side

by side, all nestled under the shade of Joshua trees. You may also discover in the vicinity other sorts of wild animals like kangaroo rats, iguanas, yucca moths, scorpions, roadrunners, bobcats and bats.

Whoa! This desert is literally deserted!

The Mojave also supports a diverse selection of plans. Many types of plants in the Mojave are native to the island to this area, such as the Joshua tree, the Mojave and woolly bur sage, and the Parry saltbush.

Once you take the chance of exploring the Mojave Desert, you can find a specific ecosystem having a delicate balance that exists between the wildlife existing theree.

The Great Basin

You won't notice the difference in plants similar to that which you discover in Mojave.

Yet, you will definitely find sagebrush communities that go over wide range of the Great basin landscaping.

In the spring, you can find the particular sage grouse and notice the boys “drum".”

If you start looking thoroughly, you can find the actual mounds of harvester ants, which often typically conceal to 15% of a number of desert areas! You will surely see the mounds of harvester ants, which can be said to hide ascending to 15% of several desert places. Don't forget concerning spiders! For most desert shrub communities, spiders approximately have got

20 to Forty speciecies.

Glimpse for the Great Basin Spadefoot toad. It comes down on from its drill down anytime rumbling of raindrops alarm it all towards presence of rain water. You may also try to see the western whiptail lizard. Some other reptiles you may find here are the Great Basin

gopher snake, a non-venomous snake sometimes called the “blow snake,” and the Great Basin rattlesnake, which is the only venomous snake in the region.

Finally, often be looking for badgers, kit foxes, bobcats, black-tailed jackrabbits, antelope, kangaroo rats, and even coyotes.

The Great Basin desert is obviously brimming with unexpected situations