Buy China Granite slabs from professional granite stone manufacturer

Buy China Granite slabs from professional granite stone manufacturer

"Made in China" - such a tag is perceived extremely poor quality in consumer goods. In most cases this is true, but not with granite products. Chinese granite products, like granite slabs, its quality does not lower than granite produced and processed in Europe, even higher than India and most countries, because China relys on advanced equipment and creditable technique from Italian for many years.

CWS produces more than 35 granite slabs so far, most of them are common popular in many countries. We would like to introduce the Chinese black granite (Shanxi Black and AbsoluteBlack, G654), grey, red and yellow slabs to you. Granite slabs from China has high strength, extremely resistant to mechanical damage, and the whims of nature, but it is easy to process, remarkably polished, finally got a beautiful deep black color.

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The main advantage of CWS granite Slabs - its PRICE and Quality. Since CWS began to export slabs to other countries-  we never received complaints about the quality. Due to the bad economic these years, many large buyers are looking for new granite slab suppliers, CWS is lucky to became one of their suppliers.

CWS insists on high standard of quality in processing granite slabs, the demand for CWS granite slabs growing all the time. Even today, CWS is among the top three manufacturers processing granite slabs in China.

Chinese granite slabs with feature of resistance to the environment for finishing of buildings, not only interior decoration, but also exterior and outdoor decoration; there are over 200 colors of granite from China, various colors you can find out here.