Using Granite Slabs for Decorating Your Home

Granite - a natural igneous rock, which consists of quartz, plagioclase, potassium feldspar and mica. Sophisticated geochemistry and mineralogy of providing and unusual color and unique texture of the material. The color scheme, which is defined fraction of feldspar, very diverse, all the variations of grey, black , red, brown, burgundy and pink; gray, green and brown. All they have are mostly transparent and colored blotches.

Granite is one of the hardest stone. granite density reach 2600 kg / m3, its compressive strength - 300 MPa. It is difficult to imagine more durable material than granite. Granite slabs are ideal for using in construction. As construction material, it has all the necessary physical and mechanical advantages - low water absorption and high resistance to frost and pollution. Granite slab provides undeniable aesthetic effect of nobility and quality factor for the house.

The interior of the house also use granite slabs for the wall, stairs, countertops and creating columns and fountains decorating fireplaces, window sills. Such elements of decor are always durable and reliable, refined and beautiful. Resistance to abrasion, impact and other mechanical damage allows granite slabs for areas with high wear. At the same time, natural colors will give an opportunity to emphasize natural materials and simple lines.

Landscape design - an ideal area for using granite slabs. Modern and trendy songs - alpine garden, Japanese gardens, ornamental ponds, all are made of granite, will give your garden has the feeling of majesty and uniqueness. Granite can be used for finishing steps , benches, tabletops , supports under the cabinets, bridges and track pad. . Also granite slab is used to make monuments and granite rubble.

Natural stone granite, its name derives from the Latin word "grain", it likes an "eternal stone", is perfect for decorating your home. Decorated with natural stone, have a special energy and extremely popular all over the world.

yellow granite slabs