How to import Granite Slabs From The Suppliers?

The first step in any import transaction is to research your slabs and find out your granite slab suppliers. Granite slab is an igneous rock composed of feldspar, mica and quartz and is a common mineral that is just about as old as the earth. The granite slab is a thin piece of granite which is cut by gang saw. It is used for fabricating countertops, granite tiles, tabletops, Flooring tiles, stair slabs, and so on. It is mined in quarries out of the ground in large granite blocks. After mine the granite bocks, they are transported to the gangsaw factory where it is “sliced like bread” either 2cm or 3cm thick and one side of each slab is polished, honed, flamed, brushed, leathered, etc. Then, ready to export.

Now, you can begin locating
granite slabs suppliers. There are quite a few suppliers of granite slabs mined in India, China, Italy, Brazil and other countries. The CWS factory is a great place to produce granite slab as a supplier. It is one of the biggest granite slab manufacturers in China, to the most technologically advanced fabricating machinery, to the beautiful finished slabs. For importing stone, Whether you find your suppliers online or at trade shows, you will want to conduct thorough research into the big slabs and the supplier to ensure you are protecting your company and brand in the process.

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