11 Jaw-Dropping Facts About T Shirts That Will Make Your Day

Custom t shirts are very popular these days and they are used with a variety of purposes. For example, certain t shirts are used with advertising purposes, others are simply worn for entertainment and so on. It is also very simple to design a custom t shirt and these pieces of clothing come at affordable prices. However, did you know that the first ever promotional t shirt was worn back in 1939? If you are interested about this subject, here are several more facts that will make your day.

The numbers are mind boggling when it comes to custom t shirts. Each year, more than 2 billion t shirts are sold in every part of the world and this number appears to be quite big especially when you are taking into consideration that there are 7 billion people on this planet. Customers like to get custom T shirts online and it is expected that sales will reach the 3 billion mark in the near future.

The most expensive t shirt in the world costs more than your house

This t shirt is produced by Superlative Luxury and it costs no less than $400,000. Obviously, just a few of these t shirts were ever created and they can be afforded only by very rich people. It is also worth mentioning here that for this amount of money you can buy approximately 31,000 standard t shirts.

The largest t shirt ever created is as large as a football field

This t shirt features dimensions which are impressive to say the least. It is 262 feet long and 170 feet wide and it can be stretched on an entire football field. Now all that you have to do is to wonder for whom this gigantic t shirt was created.

One person worn almost 250 t shirts at once

As you can probably imagine, that person attempted to enter the World’s Guinness Book and it is very likely that he succeeded. Nevertheless, 250 t shirts can weigh as much as 200 pounds and that person must have been feeling very warm wearing all those t shirts.

If it weren’t for union suits, you wouldn’t have had t shirts today

Union suits or long underwear where very popular back in the 19th century. These suits were basically made from a single piece of clothing and everyone worn them. However, someone had the brilliant idea to take a scissor and separate the union suit into two pieces, creating the ancestor of the t shirt as we know it today.

Why is it called a “T” shirt?

Well, if you take a closer look to this piece of clothing you will easily find out that it basically features the shape of the “T” letter. This word appeared in the dictionary for the first time in 1920s.

Marlon Brando and James Dean made the t shirts popular

These great actors were responsible for popularizing the t shirts in movies and afterwards, everyone started to wear them more often. Until the 1950s, the t shirt was considered to be an undergarment.

Plastisol broke the boundaries when it comes to t shirt designing

Plastisol is a type of stretchable and durable ink which was invented back in 1959. This ink was very valuable because it gave t shirt designers more freedom. Hey guys check out this awesome t-shirt website. You can create your very own cool looking t-shirts online here and have them shipped right to your door.

Really easy to use and fast shipping.As a result, more beautiful and attractive t shirts were created and everyone started to see that the t shirt about us business can be very profitable in the long run.

Almost all people have at least one favourite t shirt

It is very easy to get attached to these pieces of clothing. In fact, recent studies show that 9 people out of 10 have a favourite t shirt. You can start loving a t shirt simply because you worn it in an important moment in your life (maybe when you met your soul mate) and nowadays it brings you back pleasant memories.

33% of t shirt owners say that white is their favourite color

White is a neutral color and it is much preferred as a background nuance for custom t shirts worldwide. Approximately a third of all t shirt owners prefer it over black or other background colors.

Approximately two thirds of t shirt owners say that they have more than 10 t shirts

This type of clothing is not only very beautiful and comfortable, but also quite inexpensive, unless you buy one made by Superlative Luxury, of course. It has been found out that approximately 66% percent of the population has more than 10 shirts in their closets which make this piece of clothing very popular and appreciated.

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