Shandong cold chain logistics construction

Cold chain logistics is low, the article refers to a way of keeping a low temperature in the logistics process. Our extensive coverage of the formation of cold chain system is after the last 1960s, after the reform and opening to establish a large-scale modernization of the cold chain system, but compared to developed countries there is still a wide gap.


Pallet Racking

With the end-consumer demand for cold chain is growing, cold-chain range of applications is constantly expanding with. To sum up, the cold chain is reasonable to optimize resources and improve the quality of life of modern logistics important way. As Shandong Province, one of the country’s top three comprehensive economic strength, investment in cold-chain logistics in this area is very large.

Equipment installation seaside sunshine cold chain logistics base project was nearing completion, will be put into production. The base is a joint venture with Singapore, set Seafood aquaculture, processing, marketing, warehousing, logistics and high-tech marine food Integrated Project. As Rizhao City, the first cold chain logistics base, the project in blue and green marine resources for the development of healthy and nutritious food goal, making an important base of sunshine and cold chain logistics hub in southeastern Shandong convergence, seafood supply chain to enhance the overall competitiveness of sunshine force.

Qingdao City to promote “Never square” logistics park construction, enhance the level of logistics industry cluster development, accelerate the “tens of millions of square meters of” logistics park project to promote the city’s modern logistics industry development, accelerate the comprehensive international shipping hub in Northeast Asia, regional international aviation hub and an international logistics center construction.

Jiaozhou, Shandong Province, set up 100 million yuan of special funds for the development of enterprises, and strive to build multi-billion dollar high-level mechanical and electrical industry chain, focusing on cultivating home appliances and electronics, cold chain, wind power equipment, digital equipment, boilers and auxiliary equipment, metal structures and biological 7 ten billion pharmaceutical industry cluster.