Alibaba cooperate with Hyundai in logistics

China Alibaba Group and Hyundai Logistics hand in hand, a positive for the rapid growth in China to prepare for the Marine Logistics scouring products. Alibaba overseas direct shopping mall buy Korean products international logistics needs of two parts, namely in South Korea and China. Later, in the Republic of Korea’s modern logistics business will be responsible for international logistics, will be in charge of China’s Alibaba rookie logistics. Meanwhile, Lotte stationed Lynx website, Amore and other Korean companies will have a cheaper, faster delivery service.Logistics warehouse racking solutions

Hyundai Logistics, said the company has signed with the Korean products direct ICB Shopping streaming services contract to provide sea transport products purchased in Korea, international logistics warehouse racking, customs clearance and air transport services. ICB is the Alibaba Group, the South Korean rookie Logistics Partners, will join the network priority for settlement services “Alipay” Korean member companies to provide logistics and distribution services, logistics costs lower than the average only about 20% of the cost, delivery time is from 4 to 5 days reduced to 2-3 days. To deal with daily 300,000 distribution business,Hyundai Logistics international special delivery market size Incheon Airport expanded twice, and in Gimpo, Gyeonggi, Gunpo, Osan and other places established a new logistics center, responsible for China’s South Korean goods Amoy sea logistics.

Currently, the company has built up a separate purchase Korean products from China Amoy sea logistics business processing systems, and the development of information and communication systems. Hyundai Logistics relevant responsible person said, the system design time into account, the company shared a one and a half years, at least spend 10 billion won over the funds. The company has worked with a number of large international logistics companies contacted Korea, Hyundai Logistics attitude in this matter is most active, and quickly begin to work. South Korean industry is expected, the size of China’s sea Amoy will reach 35 trillion won this year.

Hyundai Logistics believes that where sea Amoy Korean products will increase to about 10%. Taking into account the logistics and sales usually account for about 10% share of the market size, which means that the Chinese market will generate 350 billion won this year, the scale of the Marine Logistics scouring products


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