Cold chain logistics investment over billions

In recent years, the mainland market demand is growing cold chain logistics. 2013 investment in fixed assets throughout the continent cold chain logistics more than 100 billion yuan, an increase of over 24%, June 11, 2014 the State Council issued the “cold chain logistics of long-term development plan”, built in 2015, also requires a number of large-scale, professional, modern cold chain logistics base across the region. The mainland is in cold chain logistics golden period of development, it is an opportunity to point speed the development of the next few years there will be an explosive growth expected.

It is understood that the mainland’s cold chain logistics market, initially test the water first state-owned enterprises, including some private enterprises have also gradually scale in some areas. And in recent years, foreign companies have begun to enter the mainland market, the world’s largest cold chain logistics business US cold, a joint venture with China Merchants International; the world’s fourth-largest US carrier refrigerator Pufei Si is a joint venture with Sinotrans. And a number of powerful companies and electricity suppliers have begun self-built cold chain logistics company. Shuanghui Group, was founded in 2003 on Shuanghui logistics, have purchased hundreds of vehicles of various types of automatic control of refrigerated vehicles and construction of cold storage, library room temperature, distribution libraries. COFCO I bought net and Suning Tesco, also have cold chain logistics service capabilities through the integration of self and make up cold chain logistics short board.

How to solve the “last mile” of distribution problems, reduce freight costs, guarantee quality fresh, so fresh really into the public electricity supplier, fresh whole industry is still facing problems. With the business model continues to mature, full-blown fresh consumption and cold chain logistics continent fresh highly anticipated electricity supplier, is accelerating the arrival.


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