Foam tank insulation effect or to meet industry development opportunities

Foam tank insulation effect or to meet industry development opportunities

Currently, the high degree of concern in the industry several foam box focuses on innovation, and innovative materials. The developed markets in Europe, Japan, etc., have been found in new foam enterprises and related products, many domestic listed companies have started production of composite packaging materials, such as listed companies Yuehua package B, shun shares, but the overall development of the industry behind foreign . With the whole packaging industry of environmental requirements continue to increase, the effect of expanding foam insulation box demand, new foam box will usher in greater development space.

Traditional foam box needs to change, complex cold chain package ascendant

With the rise of electricity supplier logistics industry and people agricultural products, processed food distribution is ever increasing, cold chain logistics has become a new industry concerns.

Electricity supplier giants have vied for cold chain logistics, Haibo shares, snowmen and a number of shares of listed companies have raised funds overweight cold chain logistics business. Has been put into use a new type of composite insulation carton packaging, composite corrugated boxes, EPP environmental incubators, etc., could be used to meet future demand for cold chain logistics package from a functional point of view, whether or environmental protection perspective.


Foam tank insulation effect or to meet industry development opportunities

In Downstream, cold chain logistics, agricultural products remain a major category in the future. Among them, the fruit market annual base, rapid growth, maturity cold chain technology continues to improve, it will be the star category of cold chain logistics goods.

Material innovation, function innovation go hand in hand, a lower level of commercial foam box industry

Materials innovation is the use of new materials, making the packaging more environmentally friendly products where there was no less than the original performance of the premise, more to meet consumer demand, including nano-packaging, edible packaging and green packaging. Functional innovation is the use of new technologies so that the package was not available to achieve its original features, including composite packaging, active packaging and self-heating and self-cooling packaging. Currently most nano packaging, smart packaging products are still in the labs; and edible packaging, self-heating and self-cooling packaging only in Japan, Europe and the United States market with little range of investment; green packaging industry foundation is weak, small scale enterprises ; composite packaging technology requirements are relatively low, development is relatively mature.

Currently, environmental, functional new packaging consumption concept spawned a whole industry behind foreign markets, "a new bubble box" is in traditional packaging, based on the integration of advanced science and technology, so that the traditional packaged in function, design and environmental protection On both have greater innovation.