Usage principle of coded lock

Every product has its principle when you use it. So does for the coded lock. Have you ever thought about the usage principle of coded lock when you buy them from the market of window and door accessories suppliers China? Now we can discuss it together.


DIP disc full mechanical lock principle is here. This is a highly reliable electronic devices do not have a large amount of full mechanical key lock. Its unique mode of operation is similar to the old dial telephone - start from the beginning of the dial, the dial clockwise to a digital one, and then return to the starting point, then enter a password. Repeat until you have entered the last one password, and then turn the dial counterclockwise from the starting point can be unlocked. At the same time unlock the internal has been reset, so the dial back to the starting shut, you must re-enter the password to unlock, no need to consider the internal reset problem. Now you will don’t worry about the safety when you buy safe and practical window lock from the market. If you enter the wrong password, turn the dial (virtual lock) can also be internal reset, and then re-enter the password. This lock, you can have six more than 2.98 million set a password for the master password freely transform highly confidential. Optional password groups are arranged in a row, for the selection of easy to remember passwords convenient. The basic model has been developed product, the amount of code digit and password can also be re-designed according to the needs of users. Users can also increase the alarm interface.


This lock has benefits of with no keys, no power, no batteries, no discarded pollutants and all the mechanical structure can withstand considerable adverse external environment, using a wide range. Of course, we can see some of the principle from discount kitchen cabinet accessories wholesale China.