Watching And Submitting Ghetto Videos To Hood Tube

The slogan for the Hood Tube website is "Your time to shine." Hood Tube is a website for mature viewing only. The website is a place for people over the age of eighteen to showcase their home videos.

Members of Hood Tube can submit their videos for other members to view. The categories that the videos can fall under are music, entertainment, people and blogs, funny, sexy, sports, comedy, news and politics and autos and vehicles.

When you become a member of Hood Tube you are able to navigate the website. Hood Tube has a place where members can view videos or listen to audio. There is a web page to post photos or a bulletin board to post notices.

Members of Hood Tube can talk to other members by clicking on the community part of the website or the forums. Give a shoutout to your favorite members and send messages to members you want to get to know.

Hood Tube is an online community in which members can share comments, videos, audio and opinions. If you have a funny video put it on Hood Tube. If you have something to say about what is going on in politics put your opinion on Hood Tube.

Hood Tube is a permanent home for all of your ghetto videos taken with camera phones, video recorders and webcams. Just sign up with Hood Tube, become a member and instantly start submitting videos.

As Hood Tube promotes this is "your time to shine". Be the director, producer and star of your videos. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there. This is a great chance to meet other people, share a few laughs and have a good time.

Becoming a member only takes a few minutes. If you have videos you want to share with others get started with Hood Tube today.

By: Samantha Gibson

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Written by Samantha Gibson. Watch the latest ghetto ideos on hoodtube.