National Cake

#NationalCake for a long time African politics has been based on "It is our time to have a bite of the National Cake" an idea that most politicians thrive on. The youths have allowed themselves to be manipulated by this and the children have been taught to believe in that. It is a road we need to forget but it will start with the truth. There is nothing like #NationalCake to eat what we have is #NationalCake to cook. The so called government money is hard earned cash collected in form of tax. The people who run businesses and strive hard to create jobs pay the tax which is then used by politicians for two things, pay hefty salaries to themselves and secondly, award overblown tenders to those that back them. We all crave for a better Kenya, good roads and health care. This will be made possible if the politicians showed us the ingredients and provided the necessary paraphernalia to bake the cake. What we need is not bickering about this and that but rather opportunities to make this country better. Stop the hullabaloo and start working towards your destiny. This is my view from #TheFifthDimension