Top 10 Xbox 360 Console Games

Mortal Kombat's stable of ninjas are among one of the most identifiable elements of the series. In fact, the American culture is very afraid of death - so afraid that people treat it as if it will not happen. What started with just Scorpion and Sub-Zero exploded into a palette swapping frenzy, giving us a Skittles' bags price of colorful warriors.

This next choice might surprise some people, but we are likely to need to go with the American film: "The Karate Kid". This is blockable only when crouching. It features a reach on it.

New towards the franchise may be the Figurine Mode, which utilizes the road fighter 4: 3d edtion function to add a collectible meta-sport, and also the 3D over-the-shoulder digicam choice that takes fighting to new depths. Among the newcomers about the scene observed: Ashraf