As she Returns from Manali

This poem is very personal and very special poem for me. My best friend had been to Manali a year ago. This is the poem that I had written when she had come back from Manali. Some of the lines in the poem are context-based; so others might not get the meaning completely. But still, this poem remains a nice work to take a look at and enjoy.


After the 10 days of joy and fun,

Today is when you finally return,

With you, come the stories of your trip,

Of the freeze cold weather, of the mountains so steep.


The moment your foot slipped a bit,

How your palms in the snow got so fit?


And how excited were you when you reached the peak?

Did you feel tired, drained or weak?


You tell me about all that you did

I am sure, it had been great indeed


And I also know during these days,

You missed me too,

On the white land of snow, under the clouds so blue.


Now, that you have come back home

I feel so great about this day

As we’d decided when you left

Now I’ll listen, and you will say 