I have an iphone 3gs ios 4 baseband 05.13.04 idk the bootrom. I havent prev. jailbroken it-is it currently jailbreakable?

Install this little app, along with connect your current iPhone/iPod using the PC via USB cable along with have the information."

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. simple plan that can inform http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/compatibility/CompatCenter/ProductDetailsViewer?Name=iCloud&vendor=Apple&ModelOrVersion=1&Type=Software&tempOsid=Windows+8.1 you should you could jailbreak.

"f0recast is really a extremely hand device to check whether your iPhone/iPod is actually unlockable and also jailbreakable. It can also be accustomed to understand the baseband along with bootloader edition of the phone. Earlier your Team launched Ultrasn0w 0.93 to end up being able to unlock iOS 4 regarding most basebands.

forecast is actually designed for each windows and also mac users. A Person will need iTunes 9.2 regarding windows as well as iTunes 9.0 or perhaps higher variation regarding Mac. few hours ago, iPhone Dev Team up-to-date the PwnageTool pertaining to hacktivation or even carrier unlock on iOS 4, nevertheless it supports iPhone 3GS using OLD BOOTROM.

So if you want to use your Pwnage Tool, f0recast might help that an individual simply lot