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After a few weeks you drive by and notice that dirt is still there, only now it's in a different place, or in a bigger pileAnd that not the only sperm donation story pervading pop culture this week: a new docu drama premiering Purple Strass Louis Spikes on MTV Monday calledGeneration Cryofollows a teenage girl whose father was a sperm donor as she tries to track down her biological dad and half siblings; next week, a book by the founder of the Donor Sibling Registry website the site the teens use in the MTV show calledFinding Our Families: A First of Its Kind Book for Donor Conceived People and Their Familieshits shelves[Read 7 things you need to know about private scholarships It's already way easier for a child to push another child when they're angry than to express their emotions and resolve a conflict through words


Here we explore some sports that you've likely never heard of (and should probably never attempt) Get duplicates and extras of inexpensive items, too, she said Although this improv restaurant is much like Forrest Gump's lifelike box of chocolates (you never know what you're going to get), if you're lucky enough to get served soup at POSH, prepare to be amazed Last year, Forever 21, run by CEO and founder Do Won Chang, cut employee benefits and moved a number of workers from full time to part time status