What is Angora rabbit hair?

Angora rabbit hair is a kind of fur fiber which is collected from Angora rabbit. It is one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit breed. Angola rabbit originates in the United Kingdom and varieties of different breeds are around the world after the introduction.
Angora rabbit has its long, soft hair, which is silky and soft. The quality of Angora rabbit hair is high. It is finer and softer than cashmere at only 11 microns in diameter.
The main characteristics of Angora rabbit are strong adaptability, high productivity. An adult Angora rabbit’s weighing is about 2.5 kg -3.5 kg; the annual average Angora rabbit hair yield is about 370 grams and the highest one can produce more than 500 grams.
Angora rabbit is the world's most famous rabbit breed for hair using. Its hair color is white, fluffy, warm, soft light and slender with less coarse hair and high moisture regain. It is a kind of advanced textile material; it can be used for both woolen and worsted; it can be used for knitting, and can also be used for weaving.