The fundamental principle on the modular design of LED Big Screen Show

Modular LED huge screen display is created with all the standard principle is definitely the similar dimension as the whole display is divided into various identical perform show module, along with the other by using a central manage module, synchronous operation of all show modules, to accomplish the overall coordination in the show. Thus, this method consists of two parts: the display module and also the control module.(en12966)

The real show module are modest LED driving board on the similar dimension, it truly is doable to drive the LED array, owning a basic show, and might get information and commands from the manage module, moreover to some traditional show, such as flashing, and so forth. may also be included inside the display scrolling module. Existing GB has 16 ?? 16 dot matrix character base and 24 ?? 24 are two, taking into consideration the ease of writing program and hardware abilities, we put the display module as being a 16 ?? 16 dot matrix size.

The control module is accountable for controlling the many display modules, just about every show module to send information and commands. Handle Module lattice data stored data to be displayed, the timing of every display module pass. Management module also includes a smaller keyboard and universal asynchronous serial port, which might be operated using the keyboard, you can use a pc to control, you can also use a laptop or computer to update the control data module.

Between the show and handle module is connected using the way the bus, we chose the I2C bus. The general technique style and design utilizing a sizable degree of freedom: the amount of the management module controls the show module might be modified, the display arrangement module may also be varied (e.g., LED show module sixteen, might be a 2 ?? eight could be four ?? four ), the display might be saved over the very same piece of data is displayed that has a number of situations, respectively, dot size of every message can be various compared to the display dimension in the details displayed is usually scrolled. So essential to meet the various requirements.Get more quality standards of EN12966 led traffic screen, you can learn more about Agape Technology. TEL:+86(0)755-23884258  E-mail:[email protected]